Ojari Paas and Indrek Noormets establish Mainori AS base company  called Mainor Dek OÜ. The office is located in a Mainori AS office building in Kuhlbarsi street .  The cooperation lasted five years, after which the partners felt  that there is a need for an expansion.
A contract is concluded with a freight forwarding company Combifragt and a new company  Combidek Tolliagentuur OÜ is established.  Combidek Tolliagentuur OÜ operates in  the office of Combifragt Eesti OÜ in Betooni street.
The Finnish post office (Itella) buys Combifragt. Combidek Logistika OÜ  goes 100% to private hands and from that moment on becomes 100% Estonian company. In this regard company moves into Airports´s Cargo rooms.
A cooperation contrac about customs warehouse is concluded with Cargohunters. Matsu terminal - 1000m2 warehouse space + railway line + good location for logistics at Vana-Narva mnt- is acting since then providing quality service both for transit and Estonian internal freights.
Small customs warehouse is organized  at Kesk-Sõjamäel 10a near the airport, allowing you to manage the parcels from aircraft, customs registration, ownership change , transit, etc.
Combidek´s fast and efficient e-solution starts working. eArchive  collects in a single database all parcels data  and documents related to customs clearance, contracts, invoices, certificates, power of attorneys, etc. We are dealing with the innovative system where customers can manage, verify and update their documents.
2012 New WEB site development

For all these 15 years the employees of Combidek have been valuing three merits: Reliability,  Professionalism and Respect.

The company´s management team has studied and worked in customs field  since 1991, so we have over 20 years experience to share with you. We continue to work on growing and developing with you!